Hard Times For Friends

Last week was a hard time for a number of our men as we said goodbye to one of our church members, leaders, and deacon; Bill Rich, left his home on highway 111 for a new home prepared for him in glory. Many of us who are called old timers by our friends felt the jolt as he left our fellowship on Valentine’s day. For some of us it was hard to visit with Bill, we would leave wondering if we were looking at ourselves or our friend Bill. He was not in any pain, his mind was good, but his body was weak and his soul was ready for the journey of his closure here and the entrance to his new home.

Jack and I would visit with him, then leave both of us in tears for we loved our friend and knew that we would miss him. Although we knew that the future was going to be better for him it was hard on us. I have had four funerals this month, my heart is torn, and my body is weary; enough with death it is time for us to see the coming of Spring, even knowing that we live in the winter of our lives we long for the Spring of 2013, warmer days, greener grass, and please no more goodbyes for a long time.

There is the heavy hand of the coming future, but for now we have places to go grandchildren and friends to enjoy, there must be a Summer coming, new days, more dreams, hold back the hand of time and let us walk a bit longer in the grass we love, with those we love and let the sorrow of this month be gone and the joy of tomorrow breaking new and fresh upon our old bodies, a few more seasons Lord, a few more dreams. Death is so hard on old friends.


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