Pity Pot

What do you do when your ‘Pity Pot’ is larger than your faith? For example you know that God will take care of you, but the bills still come and the income gap still grows wider. You believe you have worked hard, done the right thing, but there is no evidence of that at the end of the month. Seldom does anyone call just to talk, just to remind you that there were some good days. You visit the doctor and the news is always gray and now not just gray but bleak. You tell yourself it is not the dying that bothers you as much as it is the journey of getting there. Then you take your seat on your ‘Pity Pot’ and look at those of your generation that seem to have it made, no worry, no fears, just fun and trips and problem free. Of course you know that is not so, but it certainly seems like it as you sit there on your throne of the ‘Pity Pot’. You hate the Pot and yourself for sitting there but there you are. I believe a lot of elderly people can relate to this room of woes and fears and tears. Bravely they meet the new sunrise each day and bravely they take their place, do what is expected, and say what everyone wants to hear. But when the night is dark and long and sleep will not come the questions of what did I do wrong, what should I have done different and what I do now; moves through the darkness and illuminate that troubling ‘Pity Pot’.


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