Bad Day

I had a bad day yesterday, no, bad is not the word, more like terrible, I should have died kind of day, that is close, but even that does not get it, but we will leave it there, Terrible.

In fact it was so bad that it started the day before, remember the night of all the storms and rain, well guess who left his sun roof partly opened, you win the prize, I did. To help it along I also left my phone in the cup holder of the car, nice safe place until it rained, you are getting ahead of me, right, and the phone was dead, swimming. My wife wanted to know how I could have left my roof open, silly question, right? Just don’t close it, which is the way I leave mine open, not sure about you but it works for me.  So I spent the early hours of the morning waiting for the store to open, after all this is the only phone I have.  Insurance, I have insurance, send the phone back to the company they said, along with $75.00 and they would send me a phone sometime, maybe a week, maybe two. But for $89.00 I could get a new phone, makes sense to me so new phone I have, no phone numbers in it, don’t understand how to use it, but I can hear it ring. When the clerk asked me if I wanted insurance I just stared at him until he said, ‘guess not’. Then yesterday I got up, bad move, should have stood in bed, I was tired, no weary, but up I came. I had brought home a bed and some other items so I unloaded those and put the bed together; has one of those middle legs under the box springs to help support it, got that in place, even put it on a board, I was moving on, then it came time to get up off of the floor and put the mattress set on. Do you know how hard it can be to get up out of the floor, very hard, even my dog Max got concerned, he kept licking me; his way of giving me courage or just checking to see if I would taste good if I didn’t get up? I got the cover on the bed and it looked great but it was just a bit too close to the door, so I did the obvious, I push it toward the wall, I heard a little noise, looked under the bed and sure enough the little middle leg had fallen over.  Too bad, if you come to my house to sleep in the guest room, be careful.

It was then that I realized I could not find the keys to my car, I went into panic gear and looked everywhere I had been all day since I came back from breakfast in the car. No keys, called a couple of friends, they tried to help but bottom line you have to tow the car to the dealership, bring proof of ownership and pay $150.00 plus the tow. Now bad becomes terrible, I searched more, burned up so much sugar that I began to shake, I mean really shake, looked for food, found a pack of crackers ate them in one bite and waited. Then I said, “Lord I have got to find that key,’ so I went back to the car, retraced my steps and ran my foot through the monkey grass, you are ahead of me, there they were, the terrible day immediately got better, much better.

Of course I left out the part where the doctor called and said some of my test were not good, at my age, can’t make a lot of difference, also left out that my sugar tester stopped working, couldn’t remember my new zip when I went to charge gas, and the breakfast I ate just added to my bad test, Oh well I think I will go to bed and maybe, maybe I will get up.


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  1. I hope tomorrow is a good day! We are allowed bad days once in awhile. It makes the good days so much sweeter. I enjoy your stories very much! Keep up the good work! God Bless you Ivan Raley!

    • Thanks so much
      Nice to know someone reads them.

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