No Turning Back

He awakens ‘me’ each morning; He awakens my ear to listen like those being instructed. The Lord God has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious; I did not turn back. Isaiah 50:4, 5

What if Moses had turned back? What if Dr. Salk had turned back? What if Jesus had turned back?

Everyone knows who Moses was as well as Jesus and I am sure we realize how tragic and final life would be if they had turned back. In Moses the Nation of Israel was to discover its home land. Through him we hear the thundering roar of the Ten Commandments as they come from the hand of God. What if he had said, “I give up on these stubborn people?” Look how the world would be changed. Certainly in Christ our eternal life depends on His listing to His Father and then following through. What if on the road to Calvary He had just stopped and said, ‘No further Father, I have done enough for these sinful people, I will not go to that cross.” How lost we would all be today.

Some might not know Dr. Salk, Jonas Salk was the honor student in his medical class but rather than go the route of a physician he gave his life to research. Thousands of times his research failed but then in 1955 it worked and Polio has almost vanished from our world because of his research.  When he was asked who owned the patent for the vaccine he simply said, “There is no patent, how can you patent the sun.”

Often the road is long, difficult, and even dangerous but God says; ‘Don’t stop here, keep on and by the way you can be sure that I will never leave you. ‘


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