We Honor Our ‘Greatest Generation’

We Honor Our ‘Greatest Generation’

Now and then you do something without any plans or forethought that turns out just right. On Sunday November 11, 2012 as I was honoring the veterans in our church family I left the pulpit and walked back to where James Cope and his wife were seated and told our fellowship that we had two very special men in our service, one James Cope by whose side I stood and the other Frank Stephenson who was in his full Marine Uniform near the front, both men having served in the second world war. As our fellowship began to clap my son Vann stood and then seeing this all of our fellowship stood to honor these two men.

How very thankful I am that the Lord gave me such a clear direction to honor in this special way these two men for today our church family and community pay our final respects to James D. Cope. James served in the United States Army from May 13, 1943 until January 6, 1946. His departure leaves the ranks of our Second World War soldiers’ slimmer. James landed in Normandy, France in August of 1944 and drove through France, Belgium, Holland, and to within 38 miles of Berlin when the war ended.

When I would ask him about the war he always gave much of the credit of our victory to the men and women who went to work in America and provided those in harms way with all the supplies they needed. James was truly one of the ‘Greatest Generation’; when he was interview in 2005 he said that it was by the grace of God that he came home. Then he said that if it came to giving in to others to rule our nation he would gladly go back and serve again. Thanks James for your service, example, and faith.


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