Daniel’s Armor

Introduction: Daniel was a young man robbed of his homeland, taken into slavery, and placed in the service of an ungodly king. But with all he had to be mad about, discouraged, and disillusion over he still determined that he would not stop being the person he was in God. (You can spend a sermon on how we let the hills and valleys in our lives cause us to give up, stop trying, and join the majority. After all they seem to be winning and of course everyone is doing it.)

  1. Daniel Purposed to Believe God: Somewhere, some moment he had given his heart to God, he had taken his stand, made his commitment and chosen to believe God. All the troubles and doubts of a young man thrown into an ungodly culture would not change his belief in God.  God was the Author and Finisher of his faith and nothing would change that.
  2. Daniel Purposed to Belong to God: He was an outsider, treated as slaves are treated, but he did not belong to the king, he did not work for the king, he belonged to God. (I always tell people to remember who they really work for if they are Christians, no matter what their name, we work for God. In fact that will make us the best worker in the company.)
  3. Daniel Purposed to Behave: No matter what it cost him, no matter what others would say, He believed God, belonged to God, and he would behave as a believer of his Father. It would have been so easy to just fill in his space and be like all the others, who could blame him, who would care, but for Daniel that was not a decision he could make, for he already believed, belonged, and desired to behave as a believer and follower of God.

This will work as two minute devotion or as a full message; use it as the Lord directs you to use it.


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