The Inn Keeper’s Wife

Eli heard the noise coming from outside his small home and Inn; Sounds like the donkey needs to rest, he thought to himself as he went to the door. Didn’t everyone know by now that Bethlehem was full and his Inn was just as full? Someone needed to invent a No Room sign, oh well he would send them on their way.

The tall man stood looking into his eyes with desperation, the girl on the donkey looked like she was as weary as the donkey sounded. “No Room” mister, he said, “place is full just like this whole town, go away, no room in this Inn.” “But sir,” the man responded, “My wife is about to give birth, we must have a place, we must.” “No, place here.” Eli spoke, full, just like the town, all full. Sorry about your wife but full, just full.”

Eli felt the gentle tug on his arm and turned to see his wife Anna, she spoke, “Husband may we speak for a moment?” What now he thought but turned and moved to the wall with his wife at his side. “You know we can’t let that soon to be mother stay out unsheltered when her baby is coming, looks to me like it might already be on the way, think husband, and we must do something.” Eli said in a low voice. “The only empty place is under the house in that stable cave, and remember the sheep that gave birth to the twins is in there, what do you think I can do?”

“That will work my husband,” Anna said, “that will work, I will get our daughters and we will make the stable work.”

As the darkness grew to its midnight hour the girls and their mother saw the King of Kings born in their stable. The sheep and her twins were there, the donkey, a thousand mice and who knew what else but there was a baby boy. They took the feeding trough and filled it with fresh hay and a blanket and place the baby there. That would do, the night would pass, and this would work.

Anna woke her husband as she stood at the doorway looking out toward the opening of the cave, “Look Eli, Shepard’s, a bunch of Shepard’s are standing at the cave looking at the child, they are bowing husband, bowing, who is this child, what is happening in our Inn, in the stable with our sheep? “Look up”, Eli said, “Look at the sky, see that star, it has never been there before this night. What has happened Anna, who are these people and who is this baby?”


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