Christmas 2012

Last week I shared with you a Christmas from 58 years ago; now for the update. Wow, so much has changed; in 1954 I was a high school student, responsible for little except getting through school. Now, now I am old, worn out and worn down with a life filled with responsibilities and to add to this Carole and I sold our home in Franklin and purchased another in Nashville.  If you don’t have to do this don’t it was a nightmare and left both of us exhausted. We closed last Thursday on our new house and driving home to Byrdstown from Brentwood I felt drained and empty, Christmas was not even a dot in my mind. Christmas spirit in me had found no space, I was blank, both about what I should preach these next several Sundays, what shopping I needed to do, and what plans we were going to have to make. I did not want to think about it, do anything about it, I just wanted to crawl into some great hollow tree and wake up in the Spring.

There were a couple of things I had to get at the store so on Friday I went shopping. As I stood in line I noticed that the lady in front of me had a list with four names on it and a toy beside each name. The list had been check off and the toys were in her shopping cart. When the clerk ran up the sale it was $44.15. She handed the clerk two twenty dollar bills then begin to look through her purse. She found nothing. The clerk suggested using her credit card, she said she did not have one then with tears in her eyes she begin to look at each item wondering which to put back. I handed the clerk five dollars and told her to use it, the lady protested, saying she just couldn’t do that, but I insisted and the sale was complete.

As she left the store the clerk told me how nice that was for me to do that for her, that she knew she was a hard worker for she came into the store often and never purchased anything foolish. I confessed to the clerk that I was not sure I was being kind or just wanted to get my shopping done with and get out of the store. She smiled wished me a Merry Christmas and said, “No, you did a good Christmas deed, you really did.”

As I left the store I noticed the lady standing by her car which she had pulled into the cross walk motioning for me to come over. In tears she thank me over and over and explained that her children would be so happy with their Christmas and that I had made it possible. I asked her what she was going to get and she said, “The joy of seeing my children smiling.” I reached into my pocket took out a bill and with her refusing to take it made her do so and to promise that she would buy herself a Christmas present.

As I drove back toward Byrdstown I begin to weep, just great drops of tears flowing down my face and then the joy, the spirit, the excitement of Christmas begin to pour itself over me. Christmas 2012 is going to be a good Christmas. Thank you God for my place in line last Friday.  Ivan

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  1. Ok Ivan, there you go again! Sharing Jesus! May The Lord bless You and Carole as You go about blessing others! God has given you a beautiful caring Christ-filled heart Ivan Raley! 🙂

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