We Are Angry

We Are Angry

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.  Jesus Mark 10:45

Not a very popular verse today when so many in the world are looking for someone to serve them.

Have you noticed how mad we seem to be in America? The market falls and we want someone, anyone to bail us out.  No complaints when it was going up. We are angry with our government, angry with the rich, angry with others who have more than we have, and angry that we in our minds have not gotten our share.

We purchased houses costing more than we really could afford, then when we were told that there value had increased we borrowed even more money on them and went on a new spending spree. Then bang, someone stuck a pin in our balloon and we got really mad. We blame the bankers, politicians, anyone except ourselves.  We really enjoy being served. Money coming in and we are happy but bang it stopped and we get mad and decide it had to be someone’s fault beside ourselves. The market had some bad days recently and I had some sleepless nights, like my staying awake was going to change the market. Now I know this is over simple, but in truth don’t you see us as real babies, spoiled, expecting everything to always be going our way.

I wonder how Jesus felt when he got on His knees and washed His disciples’ feet. You know of course that He was God, there on the flood, washing feet.

We will not take a job paying less than we think we should make let alone wash a bunch of guy’s feet that never listen and seldom got it right. I think we have put ourselves into a situation that makes us ripe to accept even that which is wrong in order for us to have it our way. In fact I think that most people would make a pack with the devil if he could promise them that they were going to make it through this world in comfort. The problem is we are not going to make it through this world, we are all going to die and after death we will see and understand the truth. Look, Jesus is on his knees washing the feet of His disciples, where are we?


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  1. You mean we don’t deserve it? It is my fault?there is no scape goat? Guess I better grow up!Thanks Ivan!!!!

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