The Last Thanksgiving Shopper

(A tease of the first chapter of The Last Thanksgiving Shopper, a book still in progress.) @Copy Right Pending

The Last Thanksgiving Shopper

Fadi checked his email it was a go. He pulled out of the Brentwood Landings drove his car to the Jeep dealership on 96, parked in the back and walked to the gate of the storage facility, put in his special 24 hour code and walked to his unit.  Opening the door he saw at once that it was a rental van, in the back a box of 5 one pound bricks of explosive wrapped in red Christmas paper, he checked the instructions then opened the long box which contained the high powered sniper rifle, scope, and silencer. He looked one more time at the instructions, started the van and pulled out of the storage unit. At 3am he was the only person anywhere in the area. He put the van in park, closed the rental unit door and drove to the gate putting in his code and moving forward to the road leading back to 96, then a right to interstate 65 and North toward Lebanon.

He was familiar with the area, after all he had spent the last three years in school at MTSU, working at O Charlie’s, and hanging with the locals in their churches and activities. No one knew that he was on the payroll of a place far away and that today he would earn the salary and first class life style he had enjoyed for these past years.

At fifteen minutes past 4 am he pulled into the truck parking lot at Pilots in Lebanon. He took the packages one at a time and slipped them near the gas tanks of five trucks letting the magnetic qualities of the explosives do the arming. By 5:45 he had picked up a coke and donut inside the store and was on his way back to Cool Springs. The wrapped bricks would take three hours and fifteen minutes to activate unless someone discovered them and tried to remove it from the truck, if this happened they would explode within ten seconds. He stopped at the I Hop in Brentwood for breakfast, looked at his watch as he waited for seven thirty to arrive. Driving to Cool Springs Mall he parked in the steak house parking lot across the area from the Sears end of the mall sit up his shot and waited. The parking lot of the mall was almost full as shoppers hurried to get in on all the specials of Black Friday. At two minutes to eight he slid the door open just wide enough for his sigh to be clear, picked a group of three ladies getting out of a small white car and pulled the trigger, all three hit the pavement; no one heard a thing and no one noticed. He closed the door of the van, drove to the Wal-Mart lot, paused just long enough to pick his shot, opened the door, took the shot and two people fell.  A car behind him honked his horn; he stepped out of the van, motioned for the driver to go around him. Then getting back in the van he started toward the storage facility. Turning on the radio he heard the frantic voices of reporters from one hundred cities across America, telling of death at malls and exploding trucks on the highway. America went panic and by the time he returned to his apartment the president had order all retail malls and stores across America to close and all trucks to stop where they were and drivers to get away from their rigs as far as possible. Black Friday had turned into Black Death and America was paralyzed.

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  1. I don’t like it Ivan. It’s too possible.

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