Tough Chicken – Soft Hearts


As a young preacher people were always taking me home for lunch with them after the Sunday morning service. I must have eaten in several hundreds of homes over those early years as a preacher boy and pastor.

Many of them I still remember like it was yesterday, all of them helped me to become the pastor that God has granted me the opportunity to be in these last years.

This very poor and humble couple asked me one Sunday if I could come to their home in a couple of week.  Of course I told them I would be honored.  They were very bashful, always stayed on the edge of the group and I knew that they had very little of this world’s goods.

The Sunday came and I went to their home, it was small, aged with items that had seen a lot of hard years but they were sweet and seemed so pleased that I would have lunch with them.

It turned out that they had the toughest chicken that I had ever tried to eat. It was like chewing my shoe.  I struggled and made it through the meal but it was not very easy. I later learned that they had no money to purchase a chicken so they had killed their only chicken, an old rooster and fried it like a young fryer.

As I was getting ready to leave the man asked if he could lead us in a word of prayer. I also learned later that his wife had never heard him pray in all of their life together. I still remember the prayer. “Father you sure have been good to us to let this young man come to our home and give us the honor of ‘fixing’ lunch for him. No body like him ever been in our house before God and we be real pleased that he come to our house and make us so happy by eating at our table. Now God you bless this boy and make him into a great preacher just as you made our table a great table today. I be praying this in your name. Amen”

As I hugged them both and left the house I had to rub the tears away, maybe that had been a tough chicken but it sure came from some soft hearts and I was the one that was most honored.



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