Charlie had never express any emotion toward his mother, he spoke very little, did not want to be touched, and spent his life somewhere deep inside himself. Betty, his mother took him to school each day but she wondered if it was only adding a burden to the teacher Ms Rachel. Ms Rachel greeted him each day like he was the only person in her class but even with all the love which she could give Charlie lived somewhere in his own word.

About two months into the school year she decided to bring the small fuzzy puppy she had rescued from the dog pound to class. Spot, as she called him because of the large black spot on his head surrounded by and otherwise white body took immediately to Charlie. He raced across the room to where Charlie kept his word blocked from the others, but Charlie would have nothing to do with Spot.  Spot would bark at him try to climb into his lap, but nothing doing for Charlie. The days turned to three weeks with Spot running each day to Charlie being rejected but staying close all the same and watching him like he was the only kid in the room. One day when Spot jumped into his lap, instead of the usual rejection, Charlie touched him, then held him. The days became weeks and the two grew a bond that was a wonder to both his mother and teacher.

One night as Betty put Charlie to bed and made her always rejected attempt to hug and kiss him good night he just stared at her and turned toward the wall as was his normal reaction. Just as she went to close the door she heard her son say, Mommy, hug and kiss, she rushed back to the bed and found him receptive to her good night hug and kiss for the first time in his life.

As she reached for the phone to call and tell Ms. Rachel, she realized that it was too late but let the phone ring just the same.  They both wept and praised God for a tiny crack in the wall of silence.

The next day Spot came to live with Charlie and the world began to be brighter, hope was there and maybe just maybe there was a brighter future for all of them.


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