I Believe In Miracles

Yes I still believe in Miracles: If you live in the Nashville area you will remember the wreck on Interstate 65 South of Nashville, in the North bound lanes on Monday morning. A truck jack knifed and ended up across the interstate headed South in the North bound lanes.  My wife has a wonderful picture of it, but I could not get it to load on my blog. She was one of two cars that were behind the truck. She was talking with me on her blue tooth when I heard her begin to yell, that she was going to wreck, and also asking God for help. Then she said I have got to call 911 and it seemed like a lifetime before she called back to let me know that she had missed the wall by six inches and the other car by one inch. Let her tell it – “I was one car length away from this tractor trailer when he finally came to a stop. When this was taken, my car and the car in front had backed up to get away from the gas spilling all over the interstate. I stopped facing northbound about 6 inches from the wall and I inch from the car in front. The tractor is facing south bound” Carole.

Yes I do believe in miracles. Two weeks ago Bob was taken to the hospital on a Saturday night seriously ill. The doctor said he needed surgery and planned to do it early Sunday morning. That morning he decided that the splint he had would not be the best and if they kept Bob stable in the Heart ward  he hoped that they could wait until Tuesday when he would have the best splint. Our church went to the Lord for Bob at all of our services on Sunday and continued into Monday. On Monday the doctor ran a test so that he would know correctly what he was facing in surgery and to his amazement Bob was ok, not in need of surgery. He went on to say that he had never seen anything like it. Then he told Bob to call someone to come and get him, he could go home.

Yes, I believe in Miracles.

More from Carole: Praise God!! For His hand of protection!!

Also need urgent healing prayers for terminal assistant Tina who was in car wreck back in March – she just got report that she has hole in the bone of her leg or she has infection – if infection – she may lose her foot!! Pray for Jesus’ blood to heal her completely! She goes back to doctor Monday.


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