I Don’t Mind Sharing

(I am going to share some of the stories I like best from time to time, this is one of them.)

 I Don’t Mind Sharing

Robert and his family of five had been living with us for about a week as they waited on a place to come open for their family to live on our campus.  Robert, a four year old, was stretched out on the floor in our family room with a bowl of cheerios and milk in front of him eating his breakfast and watching TV. Our cocker spaniel was stretched out beside Robert and as Robert would take a bite then Louie would lick himself a nice bite. I came in the room and said something like, ‘Son Louie is eating out of your bowl.’ He looked up at me and with those big eyes beaming and said, “That’s OK sir, I got plenty and I don’t mind sharing.”  I’m sure I should have told him all the reason this wasn’t good but Louie looked up and seeing me walked to the door so I let him out. “Mister,” Robert said as he looked and pointed to the door of our pantry, “There is a lot of food in there; we are never going to be hungry.” Then with those big eyes of a four year old he looked at me and asked, “Sir, are you Jesus?” I smiled, knelt down by him and said “No I’m not Jesus but He is the reason you came to live with us. He loves you and wanted you to have a great home.” Robert just smiled real big and headed upstairs to his room. I walked to the back door and saw Louie stretched out on the porch enjoying the morning sun as his cheerios and milk digested. I bowed my head and just wept before my God who has given me so much that I can never be thankful enough and express it enough. I love you Lord.  Ivan


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