This Old House

This Old House – Stuart Hamblen

On that Monday night long ago as I told you yesterday in the blog Stuart Hamblen also told us about the song, “This Old House”. He told us about his hunting trip in the back woods 0n horseback and how he and a friend came upon an old log cabin, door open, window broken, and a starving dog coming out to meet him. He reached out and petted the dog and then followed him into the house where he discovers the body of his owner on a couch in the cabin. While his friend went to tell the Sheriff he sat down and looked around at the curtains, broken window, and old child’s wagon and realized that once a family had lived there. He said he took out his lunch sack and wrote the song, “This Old House.” He wanted it to have a religious message but because 45 RPM records could be only so long they left some of it out and jazzed up the whole song. It too became a national hit and went to the top of the charts.  If you wish to be really blessed go to Your Tunes This Old House – Stuart Hamblen and hear him tell the story and sing the song as he wanted it to be sung.

All of us are living in an Old House, just some older than others. I trust that you have made sure that you have a new house when this one is ready to be abandon. After all Jesus has said that He is busy preparing a place for us. Thank you Lord for our custom made home.


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