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Pray it – Mean it

Father we are in trouble, we have sinned against You and in front of a dying world and now we are about to break the hearts of our forefathers as we trample under our selfish feet the great work which they did to provide us with a Republic and a nation of rule by the people and for the people.

On Friday we change leadership and never in our history have we been so divided. We are not only divided but we are mad at one another. We are not behaving like “One Nation Under God”, but like some third world country that cannot find our direction.

Father help us to find our way through You and Your will. Forgive our sin, each of our sins and forgive our nation of its sin.

Father as an old man I do not wish for our young men to have to go to war in order to bring us to the table of cooperation, guide us to discover Your way without the great cost of our young men and women.

Father, help us, help us, Let us shine for you and live as a nation for you. Give us the joy of seeing lost people all over the world as well as in America come to know you as Lord and Savour.




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Time to Kneel

And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed, before the God of heaven.  Nehemiah 1:4

When Nehemiah hears the troubling words of his homeland, how it had been destroyed and was as a waste land his first thought, first action was to turn toward God.

We don’t see Nehemiah trying to place the blame, to curse the King who had enslaved him, to rant and rave at all the wrong things which had happened to his people as well as his homeland.

Nehemiah who had the opportunity is not plotting the death of the king. Instead we see him on his knees confessing his sin and the sins of his people.  We see him weeping great tears of sorrow, not sending out shouts of foul play. We see him seeking an answer from God even when the answer includes the assistance of those who had enslaved him and destroyed his homeland. He was willing to take his sorrow to God, confess his wrong and ask the Father for a way to victory.

But look at us, we see the difficulties of our nation and we begin to assets the blame, to accuse our leadership, and cry foul to everyone involved. We blame ever group of people we can and we never once take any personal responsibility.

I wonder what would happen if the Christian people of this land would do as Nehemiah and weep, mourn, fast and pray to God.

I am sometimes shocked at how judgmental we are and how we are so sure about one side or the other without even a moment of thought and concern of how thin our innocence is and how our greatest woe is that we will not get our fair share of the blessings of this great nation.

May I call upon you to realize this is not so much the moment of judgment and blame but rather it is a time of personal sorrow, powerful prayer, private confession, and a public call to kneel at the Cross and seek the face, forgiveness, and will of God?

You know it’s not too late for our country; God has blessed us from the snow cover ground of Washington’s frozen army at Valley Forge, to the shores of Normandy, through the islands of the South Pacific, and He will bless us now as we call upon Him.


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Why Are You Angry

I am having a lot of computer problems thus I have been unable to share my devotions and blogs.  Hope to find a few dollars and a new computer.  Thanks for understanding.

Why are you angry?

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.  Romans 12:21

I was listing the other day to a group taking about current events and they were loudly letting their feelings be known.  The amazing part was that I could not tell the difference between the Christians and those I knew professed no faith.  Maybe we need to think about that?

It has greatly concerned me that this past year so many people have been so very angry. It is as if we are all mad at everything and never aware of any blessing any good. We speak with such anger. I have received many half truths and even some untruths that people were using as proof of the issues. That is not like Christ.  Maybe it would be good if we would ask God to allow us to step back, see the real issues, take a stand based on His Word on those issues, but do it with His love and His respect. It just hurts to see so many people so mad. We cannot allow evil to overcome His good.

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In the Wind

With The Wind in The Sail

A number of years ago I use to do some sailing, it was an activity which while I was not good at it I still enjoyed.

When the wind was right and I was doing what I should as the skipper it was a beautiful, relaxing, quiet experience. But sometime, maybe because of the change of the wind but most often because of my skill I would loose the wind, suddenly the sail would collapse and the boat would seem to stall, it would always take me a few minutes to recover, to find the wind and fill the sails and feel the forward motion of the boat, again it would be beautiful and relaxing.

But loosing the wind was never fun; I know some people, maybe you have met someone like them, who can remove the wind from anything, just take all the beauty, all the joy, all the excitement out of a moment. It was not always what they said; sometimes it was the way, the tone, just something that flowed out of them that stole the wind, caused the sails to flap and the forward direction to stop. In time you come to just not share the joy of your ‘sailing’ with them for the flapping sails are never a joy.

What kind of person are you, one who turns the rudder just right and keeps the sail filled with the wind or one who steals the wind?


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In Honor of Ed

Tomorrow I travel to Jackson, Tennessee to pay my final respect to my last Brother-in-law, Ed.  Ed was married to my youngest sister, Alice, who left this world a number of years ago.

Ed came into our family after I was an adult so I still remember well the first time I truly got to visit with him and feel like I knew him.

I was living in Waynesboro, TN and our court house had just burned to the ground a few days before our meeting. Ed called me and pretended he was with the Fire Marshalls office and said he wanted to talk with me about our courthouse.

I didn’t know what was going on, I had no reason to doubt that he was with the Fire Department, but couldn’t put me, the fire, and his desire to see me together.

Then he began to laugh and told me who he was, of course I had met him a couple to times but really did not know him.

When he got to my office he said that he had come to ask my permission to ask Alice to marry him.

I knew, since I had seen them together a few times that they really cared for one another. I knew that Alice was the Apple of my eye and I wanted more than anything for her to be happy.

If I had not liked him I would still have loved him for he made my sister so very happy. It was like she had found a new life and the joy was so clear.

They had a wonderful life together, he love her, her children and all of our family. I had the joy of performing their wedding; I believe he was God sent to my sister.

He served our country with honor, received the Purple Heart in Korea, he also received a special medal for being one of the military who were used to test the atom bombs.

Alice led him to love the Lord, and he gave her joy and security for her lifetime. All of us who loved Alice owe Ed our respect and love.

Ed, thank you for loving my sister and each of her children and grandchildren. Enjoy the homecoming with Alice; I will see you in the home of our Lord, till then, Thank you

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Thank You Lord

I had visited with his wife in the A.M. of New Year’s Eve. So the two A.M. call on New Year’s day was not a surprise to me, I dressed quickly and drove the seventeen miles over the sandy roads of the low country, got out of the car, unlocked and opened the gate, then drove about a mile to the small house in the middle of the large farm.

The town doctor was about ready to leave and the local funeral home was on the way, I hugged Charles and the doctor and Charles reminded the doctor to leave the gate open for others who would be coming. He had put the cows in the back field so all was well on the farm.

Charles and I sat on the porch watching the doctor leave and then he began to tell me how wonderful life had been. They had married when they were seventeen, raised three children and lived in this same simple house for 65 years.

He would live alone now for the first time in his life, but it should not be for long, at 82 and in poor health, he was sure it would not be long. The owner of the farm had told him to get someone to be in charge of the three thousand acre farm more than two years ago, he had just put it off, believing he needed something to do, and not to worry his salary would continue and he could live in the house for as long as he would need it.

It has been a good life he continued telling me all the highlights of farming and raising a family for all of those years.  He asked me to call his children when I got back to my house and let them know, they lived far away and would need time to get back to the low country.

The funeral director arrived and we all went back in the house. I  watched as he pulled the sheet off of his wife’s face, kissed her and told her how wonderful she had been and how nice of a home she had made for him and the kids.

I tried to call someone to come and be with him but he said wait until daylight, he would just like some time to sit on the porch and thank God for his wonderful life.

I wept the 17 miles back to my home, not for Charles but for myself, for not being as thankful as he was for all that God had given to me.  My house was three times as large; my life was not filled with work that broke my body, I had so much and it had been so long since I had said thank you to my Lord.

From that dark drive through the low country till now I have never failed to daily thank my Lord, for all things, for everything.


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Chasing Time


The gates have opened, the bell sounded, and the shot has been fired; we are off on our annual chase of time. As the clock ticks away in its always forward motion we charge to catch it, live it, use it but when the hands come back to the final twelve we find ourselves beaten and broken by time. We did not win the race, we did not even come close, and time out flew us and left us breathless and weary in our journey.

Not this year; no more chasing time, 2017 will see us grab it by both hands and use it to our fullest. We will accomplish the task that God places before us. To do this we must realize that He will never ask of us time that we do not have, He will not add confusion and hurry and rush to our race; He will add direction, peace, calmness, and a perfect sense of His presence. He will give us time for our families, time for ourselves, and in receiving this time we will discover that there is plenty of time to do the task which He sits before us.

It is not a matter of using every second, keeping a written schedule, and shoe horning each spare moment into some useable place; rather it is receiving only the task He calls us to, and not wasting the time but investing the time in His calling. A snooze on the couch is not waste, an afternoon of just window shopping, watching the children play, seeing that special movie and walking with one you love toward nowhere and for no purpose is not wasting time, but rather it is investing in winning the race with time.

Here we come time and no longer do we chase you but now we ride you like the great winning stallion that you are meant to be.


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What to Do

The year is closing and nothing we can do will stop it. The New Year is approaching and likewise, we are helpless to hold it off. So what shall we do?

For 2016 we can only ask our heavenly Father to forgive all of the things we should have done but left undone. Not enough time, got started too late, didn’t plan well, spent more on ourselves that we had planned so we had to cut back in the gifts we would have liked to make, and the list goes on as long as you can stay on your knees.

For 2017 begin right now by giving it to Lord, take out a calendar of the year and right now write across each month I give this month to Jesus.

Put a mark on the Sundays in January and give each of them to Christ, see a birthday, a special event, pledge to write a card expressing your love and appreciation for the couple or individual.

Plan some family time, some vacation, something fun, and each time ask the Lord to direct the project and to prepare you to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Look at your budget and ask the Lord what you should do about your giving in 2017.

You know I think we are off to a good start, now make it real, make it happen as you follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit, not just on Sunday but on all the days of 2017.

See you in church Sunday.



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Worship Christmas Day

Christmas Day Service

I am so pleased that we had our worship service on Christmas Day. I cannot tell you how blessed I was, Shirley Scott and Judy Sterns open our service with a powerful song, then we enjoyed our people singing followed by Breanna and Bailey Amonett in a beautiful time of three great songs, wow we were ready, we shared the message, then as we observed the Lord’s Supper Cathy Mullins did three songs to fit that beautiful service, I was so blessed.

Last night I received a number of emails telling me how they were blessed and how God had really spoken to them in the service.  Some shed tears, some smiles of joy, others reminders of other days and loved ones gone on before them.

Thank you First Baptist Family for supporting the service and providing our church with the joy of Christmas Day.

I am sure that across our area so many churches had the same blessed event as we did, God seemed so real, the troubles of this life so covered by His blood and the joy of His promise of life forever.

We close 2016 on a grand note; we open 2017 on a grand hope.


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